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Brand guidelines suite

All through 2010 we have been working with the Blood Service on their suite of brand guideline documents – this now includes:

  • brand basics
  • copy and messaging
  • campaign
  • digital communications
  • donor centres
  • partnerships

As the complexity of the suite grows we have been adding interactive PDF features to assist users to get the most out of the guidelines. So far the feedback has been great.

Buzzsaw has been a key and invaluable supplier to the Blood Service for the past 4+yrs working closely with the National Marketing team and specifically the National Brand Manager. Pete Saw has a huge amount of experience with and in-depth knowledge of our organisation and more specifically our brand and has assisting with developing our current suite of guidelines. I have a huge amount of respect for Pete and his work and value his input and design solutions.

— former Brand Manager, Australian Red Cross Blood Service